Hammer and Anvil

My action’s too heavy, so playing’s a fight.
It gives me bad dreams of both left hand and right.
Are those hammers out there at the ends of the shanks?
Or anvils? Or what? All I’m drawing is blanks.

Is mass of the hammers what makes the touch heavy?
Wrong balance of keys, eighty-eight in the bevy?
Is friction the culprit that slows it all down?
Is just one the trickster, is just one the clown?

When downweight’s OK but the playing is hard,
When upweight’s all right but the feel is still marred,
Don’t look for one answer nor magic solution,
But check on all three for the truth sans dilution.

The balance of keys, hammer mass and the friction
(Which might be described somewhat better as stiction).
Keep these three in mind and the task won’t be hard.
Take my words to heart and you’ll be OK, pard’!

Copyright © James Boyk 2013. All rights reserved.
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