Almost Magic

Occasionally, something happens in teaching that seems a bit like magic, and may lighten the texture of the lesson from flourless cake to airy soufflé. When you work with a student on fingering a new passage, for instance, keep a hawkeye on the student’s fingers, hands and arms; and subtle hints may let you see in advance what fingering the student is thinking of using. Then you can reinforce or correct it in timely fashion. The student, who has never been observed so closely, may wonder if you have ESP!


Student makes no visible motion.
You: Yes! Good!

Student: What’s good?

You: Third finger on B-flat. Go ahead!

Student: But I hadn’t played it!

You: But you were about to, right?

Student: Yes, but how did you know?

You, smiling: Close observation, close observation!


Copyright © James Boyk 2016. All rights reserved.
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