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Hubert the Rigid

Rigid Hubert How many joints control the position of the hand? Wrist, elbow, shoulder, sterno-clavicular. (Ans.: 4.) reach over. if inadequate, lean over (but uncomfortable), or scootch over (but awkward, possibly slow, possibly noisy esp. The Old Lady asked me… (so she’s me and I’m S.O.)

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Piano Sound

When I talk about the sound of various pianos–Boesendorfer, Kawai, Steingraeber, Yamaha, Steingraeber, Bluethner, Bechstein, Steinway (NY or Hamburg)–no one challenges my comments. (Perhaps they should, but they don’t.) And when I teach my piano students to make exquisite adjustments of their tone to heighten musical meaning, they and I agree that the playing sounds […]

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