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Ready or Not!

The Curmudgeon curmunicates. “When I was still posting to that teachers’ group, somebody asked, ‘Why are the ‘Pathétique’ and ‘Moonlight’ so hard to teach?’ And I answered, ‘Because so few students are ready to learn them!’

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The Tool Chest of Piano Technique

In the old days, a workman applying for a job showed the foreman his tool chest, and the foreman judged the quality of his work by the quality and condition of his tools and the chest itself. Perhaps the most famous tool chest in U.S. history is that of 19th-century master carpenter H. O. Studley, […]

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The Critic’s Fallacy

The Critic’s Fallacy, also known as the Fallacy of the Web Discussion Group, is to think that because one does not participate in an activity, but only comments from afar, one therefore knows more than those who spend their guts on it.

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Lying If you go backstage after a concert, you compliment the performer. If this requires lying, you lie. If you can’t compliment honestly, and can’t lie, don’t go backstage.

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