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Notes First — Notes on Notes —

For Gifted Young Pianists JB GIves a piano lesson … to Natalie Kh. ————– Why CAN’T feeling be added after the fact? =================== Have you heard a musician say, “I learn the notes first, then add the feeling”? Here’s a Cylon warrior giving us words without feeling: Cylon: START TEST: Embed: Some people find […]

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A Beginner Doesn’t Need…a Good Piano

The piano’s a tool for making music and a tool for making pianists (by whom?). Dimmer switch a tool for adjusting lighting and a tool for teaching us how to operate it. It’s so simple we don’t think of it this way, but it’s true nonetheless. WHERE DOES THE FEEDBACK COME IN? Unlike dimmer switch, […]

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Hubert the Rigid

Rigid Hubert How many joints control the position of the hand? Wrist, elbow, shoulder, sterno-clavicular. (Ans.: 4.) reach over. if inadequate, lean over (but uncomfortable), or scootch over (but awkward, possibly slow, possibly noisy esp. The Old Lady asked me… (so she’s me and I’m S.O.)

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Piano Sound

When I talk about the sound of various pianos–Boesendorfer, Kawai, Steingraeber, Yamaha, Steingraeber, Bluethner, Bechstein, Steinway (NY or Hamburg)–no one challenges my comments. (Perhaps they should, but they don’t.) And when I teach my piano students to make exquisite adjustments of their tone to heighten musical meaning, they and I agree that the playing sounds […]

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So simple it sounds silly: At a random time during practice, STOP! Ask yourself,

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4 Things to Say

If I had only 4 things to say: (1) The sound is the goal: To hear it objectively, record yourself. (2) To interpret a score is to recreate an object from its shadow. (3) A work of art is a machine with an esthetic purpose. (4) We learn what we do, not what we say […]

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Welcoming the Gifted?

Contrary to what many assume, teachers don’t necessarily welcome

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Almost Magic

Occasionally, something happens in teaching that seems a bit like magic, and may lighten the texture of the lesson from

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Texas Comparisons

“You play the Moonlight ver-ry good, young man, very good.” The old man’s New York accent stood out in the Texas crowd that had just given the Beethoven a standing ovation; and his Adam’s apple stood out from his throat as he continued, “I have Horowitz’s record of it. You play it very good, but […]

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Aphorisms 3

All that occurs, occurs through the student. Teach the student who’s in front of you. 

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